Thursday, November 21, 2019

Adult Educator Interview and Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Adult Educator Interview and Paper - Essay Example trial trainer obtained a post graduate diploma in industrial training arming him with relevant skills to offer excellent industrial training to employees. He began practicing human resource management in the company before being charged with industrial training responsibility following greater educational achievements. From my findings, the students being adults in most cases, the trainer employs adragogical techniques such as letting the students take control so as to feel the independence in the learning process. He encourages the sense of self direction. He also uses the learners experience to facilitate the learning process through quoting examples which any other person in class could share. For instance, asking the trainees, "could anyone share his experience with an indiscipline employee?" Kohn Kim, e-mail message to author November 6, 2012. The other way is through the adoption of two way and three way communication where students may communicate among themselves and with him. One of the models that I realized was being utilized by the instructor was the Hannifin and Peck design model. Here there were three phases involved. It begun from the point of evaluation then designing of a proper structure followed by development and implementation of instructions as may be relevant. The main reasoning in this case was evaluation and revision. The other model adopted by the instructor was the ADDIE model where analysis came as the first step. This was followed by designing then development and implementation. A final step was evaluation. Sutherland (1998) argues that; most adult students exhibit autonomy where the sense of control is extremely high. These students are also more goals oriented than otherwise. They strive to achieve their aims at all times. According to Wodlinger (2007), adults prefer practical knowledge where they become competent and master of basic concepts under study. They embrace learning by experience considering their wealth of knowledge.

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